The Bookkeeper You Can Trust

Beryl’s Bookkeeping is an independent bookkeeping practice owned by me, Hannah Stevens.

Having worked in HR for 13 years and for the latter 9 years within the public sector I was on maternity leave after having my second child I found bookkeeping, something I love doing and am very good at. Why the change? My husband owns a limited company within the leisure industry and for many years we have had recurrent issues with his accountant. After yet another major issue it was decided that we needed a change. A family friend, who is an accountant agreed to take on the work, it was then that I was introduced to Xero and bookkeeping. After only a month of using the software I decided that I could make good use of my time whilst on maternity leave by studying and gaining my bookkeeping qualifications.

I began studying the at the end of December 2012 and by the end of March 2013 I had qualified to upgrade my membership with the ICB to Associate level thus enabling me to offer bookkeeping services.

During my studies I fell in love with bookkeeping, and being able to actually implement my learning for a real ‘live’ company, more importantly for me personally I was able to see the benefits I could to bring as an individual. One major benefit my husband has found is having real time information available to him as previously he would only be given account reports 9 months after a year end. He is now able, with the information I provide him, to be pro-active to the financial status of the company as opposed to seeing how well the company did or didn’t do 9 months too late. I want to support business to do what they do best and help them to feel confident about their accounts, thus gaining financial control and enabling them to maximize their profits.

I hold a practice licence (number 11459) as Beryl’s Bookkeeping with the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (IBC) and am fully insured. The ICB organisation provides access to legal and technical support if necessary together with compliance under the Money Laundering Regulations.