You are the reason your business works and your time is best spent on growing your company and improving your current systems. If you are spending a good chunk of your day trying to stay on top of your bookkeeping you are costing your business serious money. Luckily, I am here to take care of your bookkeeping needs. Unload this tedious task onto me and free up more time for what you really love to work on.

I predominantly work from home in dedicated offices,

although depending on your requirements I can also work at your premises.

I am fully qualified, insured and professionally regulated by the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers.


Every business has a legal obligation to keep records of their transactions. There is no set format that must be adhered to but at the very least records of all sales, expenses and purchases should be kept.

Unfortunately if a business fails to keep adequate records then they can be fined up to £3,000 by HMRC along with an additional tax bill if the inadequate records resulted in an incorrect tax return being filed.


Aside from the obligations, keeping good records is an essential part of running a successful business. When good records are kept the business owner knows at any given time, how much is owed from customers, how much is owed to suppliers, how profitable the business is and how much cash is available. This means better decision making can be made and improvements in cash flow and profitability can be made if necessary.


Why outsource your bookkeeping?


Outsourcing your bookkeeping to a professional such as me not only removes one of the biggest headaches involved with managing a companies financial affairs, but also offers a multitude of benefits such as:-

  • Peace of mind. As a full bookkeeping practice, I have many years bookkeeping experience to ensure fast and accurate data entry, resulting in a correct and complete set of accounts and tax return at the end of the financial period. This is even more important if HMRC where to select your business for an investigation as there is a much less chance of discrepancies being found provided the records given to me have been accurate.

  • Tax savings. As I complete your bookkeeping I will constantly be looking for any potential efficiencies which may result in less tax being owed to HMRC. Spotting these inefficiencies and making changes early on can result in significant savings for you


How does the process work?

Paper records can be sent to me, dropped through letter box or arrange to drop in and grab a cuppa and quick catch-up. For electronic records (such as invoices sent as PDFs) you simply forward them on to me via email.


Once you have decided to appoint me to complete your bookkeeping I will ask you to send me your records at a suitable frequency.


Once your records have been received I will input the transactions into Xero which you can then access at any time. I will then use the finalised bookkeeping to complete your VAT returns (if applicable) and handover the required data to your nominated accountant for the year-end accounts to be completed.